Our Plumbing Experts Have You Covered

At LCP, we understand that plumbing issues can be a major headache for strata managers. That’s why we offer fast and effective solutions to minimize any downtime and get you back to business as usual. Whether you’re dealing with a leaky faucet or a major pipe burst, we’re here to help.

Commercial Plumbing


With a wealth of heating knowledge gained from being an apprentice in the UK to a business owner here in Whistler, Lee has specialized in designing and installing heating systems, radiant heating systems and in floor heating systems for the last 20 years. Our technicians are all experienced in efficiently diagnosing and repairing any heating related problems.

Mechanical Room Upgrades

We have successfully carried out multiple large scale mechanical room upgrades in Whistler buildings. We find in Whistler a lot of antiquated, inefficient mechanical rooms which have a high maintenance replacement cost. We have designed and installed much more efficient and durable solutions such as stainless-steel tanks with life time warranties, intelligent hot water recirculation pumps which drastically decrease the wear on already aging hot water recirculation pipes.

Drain Blockages

From blocked kitchen sinks to larger strata drain blockages, Lee Carter Plumbing Ltd are equipped with multiple snakes and drain cleaning equipment resolve any blockages. Our technicians are well informed about the buildings in Whistler and can efficiently diagnose and resolve blockages. We also offer scheduled drain cleaning for building managers and Strata companies.

Drain Cleaning

We offer commercial building drain cleaning solutions tailored for each individual building to ensure free flowing drains.


Due to age of the majority of whistler construction, we generally have multiple ongoing renovations throughout the year. We work with home owners and contractors and are very experienced in insuring a fluid renovation process. We know the importance of accuracy when it comes to permit application therefore have them immediately available and are more than happy to walk our clients through the permit application process if need be. We have a network of trusted contractors and preferable trades to recommend to private homeowners also. All of our technicians are highly experienced in renovations and all up to date with the current plumbing code and fire separation codes.

Service & Repair

Lee Carter Plumbing Ltd offers reliable repair services to our commercial clients in Whistler. From pinhole leaks to leaking pipes and blocked drains, our technicians are equipped with solid knowledge of the larger buildings in the area, providing efficient solutions. Additionally, we specialize in locating and repairing leaks, as well as attending to various plumbing needs of commercial kitchens throughout Whistler village.

Drain Camera & Locator

Used for stubborn blockages or as a last resort, we are equipped with state-of-the-art drain cameras and radio frequency locators which enable us to pinpoint the depth and location of the blockage, broken pipe, tree roots etc. which allows us to efficiently excavate the issue with minimal disruption.