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What We Offer

We are your one stop plumbing shop in Whistler! We have you covered — from leaking faucets, renovations, & installations, to the maintenance of your heating equipment, and even FREE hot water tank inspections. We keep the water flowing in your Whistler home while you hit the slopes.

Emergency Repairs
Hot Water Tanks
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If it’s not listed, contact us. Or get in touch today for more information about our services and to get a free quote.

Emergency Repairs

We can offer fast and effective work in your property to minimize damage as quickly as possible.

Sink blocked? We’ll get stuck in and clear the blockage and we can also offer preventative measures such as regular drain cleaning.

Frozen pipes? Contact us to defrost and clear your pipes before they burst and cause major damage to your property.

No hot water? We can come a repair or install a new hot water tank usually on the same day.

No heating? We’ve got you! Contact us for fast repairs.

We prioritize emergency jobs so if you have no heat or hot water especially in the winter, we’ll get there as fast as possible. You can trust us!

Due to the nature of Whistler attracting many people from all over the world, a big proportion of property owners do not live here in Whistler. Therefore, they put their trust in us to enter their property and carry out work in their absence.

Contact us if you are a property owner living out of town and would like to arrange us to come and regularly service your hot water tank, boiler, shower and resolve those little problems that without the presence of somebody in your home could turn into much bigger problems later on.

Free Hot Water Tank Inspections

Did you know… your home insurance won’t cover your hot water tank or any damage caused as a result of a leak or burst if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired? And if you live in a condo or duplex, you are more at risk because you could be held liable for damage caused to other properties. This simple mistake could easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ve seen it happen!

Don’t put yourself at risk! For your peace of mind, we offer free no obligation hot water tank inspections in the Whistler area.

Strata companies are now informing owners about the liability issues around this. In some cases, they are making it a owner requirement to change the hot water tank before the warranty expires. Most manufactures have a 6 to 8 year warranty. During our free inspection, we check the condition of your tank, make a risk assessment and check when the warranty expires. We’ll also send you a reminder before your warranty expires to let you know your tank needs to be changed.

To take us up on our free hot water tank offer, call 604 698 8665 or send us an email.